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Garmin G1000

Installations & Upgrades

Tired of the maintenance costs associated with a traditional six-pack instrument layout? Why not upgrade to solid state instruments?

We offer a range of options from single instrument replacements to complete integrated flight deck solutions.

Has your old GPS given up the ghost? Are your old radios constantly breaking down? Why not look at a new integrated NAV/COM/GPS?

We offer the latest in integrated units, or standalone, dedicated units for redundancy.

Want to clean up your panel with remote-mounted, centrally controlled units? We offer those too.

Contact us for solution that fits your needs and budget.

Want to see what an installation looks like?


Repairs & Overhauls

We offer repair and overhaul services on all manner of instruments, gyros, autopilots, and other avionics solutions.

Contact us for an evaluation on your equipment.

Zetec MIZ-10A Eddy Current Instrument

Non-Destructive Testing

Using top-of-the-line equipment, we offer eddy current inspection for the detection of discontinuities in conductive materials.

We also offer conductivity testing with the same equipment.

Contact us for your NDT needs.

Cessna Citation Lattitude

Base & Line Maintenance

Troubleshooting defects, annual inspections, fuel & engine indication calibrations, and more.

Contact us for your maintenance needs.

Christie RF-80 ReFlex Charger

Battery Capacity Checks

Need a capacity test for your aircraft battery? We offer nickel cadmium & sealed lead acid battery capacity testing using the industry-standard Christie RF-80 ReFlex Charger.

Contact us for your battery needs.

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