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The Telex 100 TRA Dynamic Microphone is a user-friendly handheld microphone that will perform in your cockpit. The Telex 100 model 100 TRA includes a two-stage amplifier and impressive noise cancellation technology. If you are looking for clear communications, no hassle and zero maintenance, this microphone is ideal. The TRA 100 dynamic microphone is FAA TSO C58 approved, too; use this product with confidence on your aircraft. For additional comfort and convenience, this Telex item includes a hanger bracket so you can utilize hands-free operation. The hanger bracket also allows you to keep your microphone close at hand, accessible and ready for use. Its right-angle plug is compact and won't budge during use. The TRA 100 includes a helpful coil cord for easy maneuverability without frustrating hanging wires. The Telex 62800-001 microphone is affordable, accessible and easy-to-use in any aircraft.

Telex 62800-001

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