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Advanced Audio Control for Experimental, Sport Aircraft

  • Bluetooth® connectivity enables easy access to phone calls and audio entertainment
  • Draws on Garmin top-end audio technology for “home theater” quality sound
  • 3D Audio processing helps pilots “locate” inputs coming into their headsets
  • USB charging port provides power for smartphones, tablets, music players and more
  • Offers instant upgrade as a slide-in replacement for existing GMA 240 and GMA 340 equipped experimental aircraft

Featuring Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 3D Audio processing, clearance playback and impressive audio mixing and distribution, the GMA 245 audio panel represents the most advanced audio control technology Garmin has ever introduced for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA) cockpits. Upgrading from the popular GMA 240 and GMA 340 audio panels in experimental aircraft has never been easier; simply slide in and fly away with the most modern audio processing capabilities available.

GMA™ 245

  • Designed by our dedicated “Team X” engineering group specifically for the experimental market, GMA 245 offers an impressive array of features previously available only on high-end audio systems. Yet, it’s priced to fit the budgets of most kitplane builders and sport pilots. It’s also the perfect complement to our G3X Touch™ electronic flight display systems, enabling pilots to use their choice of conventional knobs and buttons on the audio panel faceplate — or onscreen selection with the G3X Touch displays — to optimize their cockpit communications options.

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